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FPS Stallion prospect

Wally P. friesian Star stallion (1st premie as foal and as a 4 year old)
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FPS Stallion prospect
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New Addition! A must see!  FPS/FHANA Prospect! Remmelt X Alpentraum (ster)!  2.54% inbreeding.

Ljibbe fan Bosma
2 year old Stallion prospect

Ljibbe fan Bosma was born March 18, 2003. 
Remmelt x Alpentraum.
Inbreeding coefficient: 2.54%.
Stam line: 32   9th generation
His sire, Remmelt,  is a dressage champion and done very well in dressage and carriage. His dam has been shown to first level dressage, made 2nd premie ster, and has some daughters coming up to try for ster. This colt should try for his ster as well. Also, his dam, Alpe, is a 1/2 sister to Bold Contender (mare showing in grand prix).  He has the lineage and attitude to go far. He will make an awesome dressage prospect, uphill conformation, good feet, natural movement, and out in the field he already does passage and pirouette.
He is very sweet and personable.  Ljibbe already has great extensions and a nice flowing action. He is very intelligent and seems to learn things very quickly. Hehad been imprinted at birth and had leading, tying, trailering training, as well as he has been in a bit and bridle already and had a surcingle on to get use to this for future training. Judge at keuring in Michigan asked that he be brought back as a 2-3 year old to try for an approved stallion. He has a very good dam line: S (dam), sp,sp, m, mp.  Both these lines are very good in carriage and dressage. If you would like a great addition to your breeding program and family, this colt is it. He is located in Michigan.
Asking $22,000 obo if you have any questions! 
OR CALL:  419-303-1536 or 419-303-1556