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Renaissance Center Breeding and Training Friesians

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Wally P. friesian Star stallion (1st premie as foal and as a 4 year old)
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Horse #1: Maagd in foal to Rintse
Get her while she lasts! Here is a great opportunity to own a driving and dressage horse, model status, and just a wonderful broodmare.

Maagd #198791330. Model mare
Djurre x Fokeltsje (ster preferant)

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Ridden by Leigh Kennedy of Michigan

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Model Mare for Sale.
Maagd was born in May of 1987. This is a model mare and has been approved of this status through FPS/FHANA. 
Coefficient for Maagd: 2.73% .She has been trained for 2nd level dressage and has also been used as a lesson horse. She is even tempered and throws beautiful foal. She can be shown under saddle (dressage) or carriage. She is sound and still able to ride. She also has written approval from FPS for embryo transfer. She is a full sister to Sjaard, who is an FPS breeding stallion approved on offspring and her Grand-dam is the dam of Franke, another FPS approved stallion, on offspring as well. Her sires mother has now made model prestige status. Her dam line is: S+P,M+P+PM, S. In movie clips, she is ridden by dressage trainer: Leigh Kennedy.
$21,000 to purchase mare not bred.  OBO
Owned by: Joanne Bosma of Majesty's Friesian Farm.
Please contact:

Maagd (model mare)
See how beautiful I am!

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Horse #2: Siep
Get him while he lasts! Great horse! You will fall in love with him. Will be posting pictures soon.

Sex: Gelding
Age: 8 year
Stam line: 44
Dam Line: ster,ster,ster, model
Temperament: 3
Owned By: Chery in Clayton, OH
This gelding came from the Netherlands 2 years ago. He is very well adjusted and just loves your attention and love. He was a schooling horse in the Netherlands by a St. Prix George's Trainer.  Fairy Tale gelding in looks and gorgeous mover. You will sit in awe when you watch him move. Comes when called!
Here, he is mainly rode on trails and has been put though a 30 day program from the trainers here at Renaissance Center for refreshing him. He would make a great 4-H project, driving prospect, or dressage.
Training level dressage, no driving but could excel in this. Should be tried for his ster as he has an excellent chance of becoming a ster gelding. He loves kids.
He can be spooky, especially in new areas, but have been working on him with that and teaching him a one-rein stop and spooking in place. Being put through some desensitization training at this time which he is doing very well in.

He has the smoothest trot and canter ever found on a friesian. Wonderful riding horse, light mouth, good self carriage, on the bit, and very forward moving. It doesn't take much to move him. Loves to be worked, would be happy in a home that plans on working him a lot and not just occasionally, about 5-6 times per week. He calms down more and becomes less spooky when in work and getting rid of his energy.
Please let me know if interested.

Call: 419-230-8882