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Renaissance Center Breeding and Training Friesians

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Training horses for 2005. The rest will be up as I get them.

Grace fan Bosma
Look at her go. Finally!!

Grace 3 year old
Look at me MOVE!!

Look at me

Gracie (Honeybee x Wander). She will be trying for ster status this year. She is a 3 year old and is coming along nicely.

Aletta fan Bosma
5 year old. Stam 38

Aletta fan Bosma
1st pleasure class!! Just warming up!

!st place Cart winner!!
Aletta fan Bosma

Aletta fan Bosma, 5 year old friesian, dam model mare. Stam 38. Started cart training this year and did very well in my 1st pleasure class.
UPDATE: Aletta placed a grand champion (1st) in driving, a reserve champion (2nd) in ground driving, 5th in showmanship, 3rd in riding class, and a 1st in presentation class and halter class.  August 3, 2005

Saskia 9 year old.

Look at me now!

Look for me at Hastings this year! Saskia
Owned by: Donna in Maine. Sire: Pyt

My name is Saskia. I am 9 years old. I am a studbook mare at this time. I came from Maine from a wonderful mother, Donna! Boy do I miss her and all those peppermints! I stand 16.1HH. My sire is Pyt and I am a 1/2 sister to the mare showing Grand Prix.
I am re-trying for ster status this year and my chances look good! Or so I hope! See you at the end of September with an update! I am under the training of the Renaissance Center.

Aalche 5 year old!

Aalche! Look at me now!!
See you in Hastings, MI this year!

Aalche. Trying for ster!
Ludse x Wanda P.

My name is Aalche. I am 5 years old. I originally came from Joanne Bosma, a breeder in Michigan. I stand 16.2HH. I now live in Maine with Donna. I miss her soo much and those peppermints, but am happy with my training.

I am retrying for ster this year in Hastings, MI. I  tried as a 3 year old and became a studbook. My sire is Ludse. I am under the training of the Renaissance Center and loving it.
I am in foal to Anton for next year!

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