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Renaissance Center Breeding and Training Friesians

Wally P. friesian Star stallion (1st premie as foal and as a 4 year old)

Wally P. friesian Star stallion (1st premie as foal and as a 4 year old)
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Aren't I handsome??
Wait for me this year if I pass FPS inspections in the Netherlands

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I see you!
I am a gentle giant, see!

Wally P.
Made it to Drachten!

Wally P. made it to the show in Dracten!!! He is owned by Joanne Bosma of Majesty's Friesian Farm and has been trained by dressage trainer: Leigh and also been to a Monty Robert's Clinic and was under the training of Laurietta Oakleaf here at Renaissance Friesian Center this summer for dressage training, manner training, and to start getting him ready for the carriage.
He is now under the care and training of Wim and Cil Pomp in the Netherlands. They showed him in Leeuwarden. He is being trained by Harry in the Netherlands for his carriage.

Come back frequently to see his progress.

Wally P. and Joanne (owner)
Found out he is going to Drachten!

Wally P.
I am going to Drachten!

Wally P.
See me stretch?

Can I see?
Wally P.

Wally P.
Here I am Again, Beautiful Aren't I!

Wally P. is out of the Oege and Doeke lines and has a wonderful disposition. He now stands 16.2HH and is 5 years old. He is a beautiful mover and we are hoping he will make it as an approved stallion. Joanne is selling some of her mares in order to help send him to the Netherlands for the FPS approval testing. I  trained him this summer to get him in shape for the September keuring in Ohio and the start for Leeuwarden.  He is such a big baby and just loves to be "loved on." Watch for him next year!! I will be keeping updates here on this site of his progress and training.

Here I am NOW!
Wally P.'s most recent photo

Wally P.
In the show ring in Leeuwarden!

Wally P.

Darn, my tail is braided!
Wally P.